A variation of cheeba
"where's all the cheebs @ mofos"
by ThomasPenman November 28, 2004
Short for "Cheers Babes"

An alternative to saying "Cheers" when drinking or making a toast.

Also a way of saying thank you, goodbye or acknowledging awesomeness.

Best spoken with a fine glass of goon in hand
1. "Next round is on me!"

2. "Wow you look great"

3. "So glad it's Friday"
"Me too, Cheebs!"
by drbeck April 29, 2010
Cheeb is a nickname of chibi -which are small people with fat heads (drawings)
-origins of chibi are japanese
"Anyone want me to draw them a cheeb?"
by anonenymous December 19, 2011
smoke'ins, weed, herbs, chronic,green,
if you got , cheeb, you probably smoke reefer, and gotta blunt to wrap em w/
by odiouscapone December 06, 2003
Short for cheeba which stands for Marijuana
Damn, that was some good cheeb last night!
by La Dinglyy October 11, 2007
Any breed of rabbit.
Wow, look how puffy that Cheeb's tail is!
by Bunny Queen October 29, 2008
1) This is a slang word people refer to as WEED.
2) Smokeable herd that gives you the ultimate High With no side affects.
3) This is also the nickname of the coolest peeson to chill with(JOSH DACOSTA)
4)Josh Dacosta A.K.A-Cheeba,CheebaCheebs,Cheebsy Weebsy,and Cheebs.
" Yo, you got any Cheeba?"
" Whats good Cheebs?"
by Cheeba Cheebs January 29, 2008

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