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Slang for marijuana.
Cheeeeebbss! or Go get the cheebs, we need to smoke that sh*t.
by Timothy R. Hoffman October 25, 2006
weed, marijuana, ganja, herb, grass, trees, cannibus
damn, i hope they brought the cheeb, man
by o-dog June 08, 2003
Chipmunk Cheek Expansion Bag

It's a bag that expands just like a chipmunk's cheeks would
Person 1- You girls are looking fabulous with your cheebs.

Person 2- Thanks, it expands for easy storage.

Person 1- I need to get myself one of those.
by CHEEBS ARE MY LIFE March 20, 2011
Many people think it is short for cheebah, as refering to weed. Cheeb is actually a slang term for black tar heroin in many parts of cali and other parts of the US
Jim: Oh you got some cheeb? lets roll a fatty!
Sean: No you pussy i mean black tar.
Jim: Oh...i'll get the foil!
by ill box December 03, 2008
Meaning "chubby" or "fat". Often an insult to someone who has stolen your food at lunchtime.
"Gimme some of those chipies!"-Guy #1
"NO CHEEBS!"-Guy#2
by thecheeb21 December 09, 2009
A different word for a lesbian slut, but a nicer way of saying it. It could also mean to whore around with both male and female.
Wow Hanna is such a cheeb, she hooked up with Ron and Ally at the party last night.
by annnonomouse December 12, 2010
1. An endearing term for a chubby girl who ranges from slightly plump to "OH HOLY GOD, ITS CHINS HAVE CHINS".

2. Body fat.

3. Slang for marijuana.

4. A lazy person.

5. Mispronunciation of the word "Cheese"
1. "Boy, she is pretty good Looking for a Cheeb."

2. "No matter what I do I can't burn off any of this Cheeb!"

3. "Gimme a moment, I gotta finish rolling this Cheeb."

4. "Get off your ass you lazy Cheeb."

5. "Care for some Swiss Cheebs?"
by Baekara September 09, 2010