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"I completely agree with you, my African American brother."
"Foshizzle, man, I love Smallville."
by shawty November 12, 2004
back before the use of tampons, women used cloths to hold their excrement after their period. So Bomba is referring to their Bum, and Clat is Cloth. Bum Cloth, a rude sayin in countries where this term is used.
you're a bombaclat!
by shawty June 18, 2006
So intensely shocked at someone's actions that you just think "What the fuck?"
I am befuckled that he actually thought she wouldn't find out
by Shawty August 16, 2004
Essentially, this is the lay men's term for "Excuse me, you must be out of your damn mind, because i am not about to do what you want me to do"
Senior to Freshman : "Say youngblood, holla at my locker over there and carry my books to my next class. Thanks, bitch. " Freshman Response : "Fuck that shit, keep poppin' in my face and get popped in the dome tip drill!"
by Shawty August 31, 2004
¢rips respe¢t all bloods
on blood...fu¢k da ¢rabz
by shawty January 19, 2004
Nelly's clothing line
I copped me some Vokal attire.
by Shawty April 03, 2003
A phrase that refers to giving head; used most frequently to refer to a man giving a woman head
Girl, that boy didnt even wanna have sex, he just wanted to put it in his mouth
by Shawty August 16, 2004
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