something said, when a task is completed
Greg- did you pack your shoes?
Tim- Check!
by gahh_nikk July 10, 2008
to joke on somebody or to put in one's place
main dont let him talk about yo momma that way. go ahead and check that foo
by newnew May 26, 2008
When a person has a lack of a defining chin, part chin, part neck-check
David doesn't really have a chin, it's more of a check.
by Don Chalant February 20, 2005
Piece of paper wrapped up to make a joint after payday.
Lets go behind the seven-eleven and waste these checks
by sum faggot July 14, 2003
To spontaneously shove or barge an unsuspecting friend into a hedge or onto a car bonnet. The word is usually shouted as the "checker" makes contact with his victim.
"CHECK!", shouted Tom as he slammed his weight into Ted, sending his hapless friend tumbling head over heel into a large thorn bush.
by Go-Lion March 04, 2008
(n); a remark made to call someone on a particularly homosexual-sounding phrase (as if checking off a requirement to a gay confirmation list)
1. Joe: Woah, the colors in that painting display so much emotion!
Jeff: Check!

2. Joe: I don't know if I can make it, I've got an orchestra concert coming up..
Jeff: You just earned yourself a check.
by AndThenSome November 18, 2007
1. Noun; Peice of parchment that is used in banking to give large amounts of money to people easily.
2. Verb; To go over something to make sure its the way you want it.
3. Noun; Symbol, usually meaning good, or correct.
1. "My mommys check was really small she said. Oh, by the way, were moving."
2. "Damnit Tom, why do you have to triple check everything?"
3. "OK kids, count your checks, whoever has the most wins!"
by James C. Bird August 31, 2007

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