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1. What you do with your winter coat upon entering a danceclub.

"Avoid after-hours chills and loss of property during Chicago winter. Instead of wrapping a sticky barstool with your pea coat—just check it! Upon arrival to any nightclub, this chore comes first. You can work the room, flirt with the bartender, or go trainspotting *after* your coat is in a safe place. At the end of the night when you pick it up—be sure and tip the attendant well."


2. A section of a pattern made by rectilinear repetition.

The lady's Burberry handbag sported the company's trademarked check pattern.


3. The act relating to the various transactions of goods/services for legal tender generally exchanged between cashiers and customers in "check-out lines" which provide a convenient setting for this process (usually seen near the exit of supermarkets, retail department stores, etc.)
"Following the unexpected rush to the regular as well as the express check-outs, all available cashiers were paged to the front of the store to check."
by chicagojosh77 April 18, 2010
A check is the area of the body where the skin is flabby and fat and the chin morphs into the neck.
Look at he check on that dude... You don't know where his chin stops and his neck starts.
by Missspelled February 09, 2010
As in "You're right." Or, "I agree with that." Used with a hand signal where you make a check mark in the air with your index finger. The more you agree, the bigger and more exaggerated the hand signal. Can almost be used without saying the actual word, just the signal itself.
Coretta: "That girl over there is a skanky hobag."
Jeanetta: (While making a check mark in the air with her finger) "Check!"

Two women in church....
Henrietta: (whispering) "Girl, that pastor is fiiiine."
Vanetta: (Making a check mark in the air with her index finger)

This all came about after the infamous Check Into Cash commercials. A payday advance service.

by theoriginalmetoo May 01, 2006
To re-evaluate one's position, and or actions
You better check yourself.
by Saiko July 29, 2003
To knock someone out
I'm going to check you if you don't shut up.
by Greg April 16, 2003
The collective term used to describe a group of engineers, as in "a check of engineers".
Tony, Renae, Ben and Kym were forserious when they all went to the annual worm grunting jamboree, which was spread over 1 squetre, as a united check of engineers.
by Special K 2010 April 18, 2010
A word said when someone tells another pointless story. Use of the index finger making a checkmark motion in the air also helps, as if you are "tallying" the person's numorous pointless stories.
Person One: "One day, my boyfriend walked over to his car. Suddenly, a dog with three legs ran over to him. It stopped and looked at him."

Person Two: "...uhh....great story....Check!"
by KristalinaPynk November 14, 2009