Means its all good or im ayt
Hows shit man. Yeh its on check
sup. Nutin im on check
by Prec1ou$$$ June 17, 2008
-Cash, Money
I just got a check off them TVs
by k leron April 09, 2012
A coded word that brings attention to the fact that someone in the vicinity is making a move on the opposite sex (without being obvious). The move being made may be overt, subtle, physical, flirting etc. Checks are usually done to embarrass the parties involved.
Advanced users may make a more complex coding system such as check-plus, check-minus, j-check, s-check etc which may be user defined.
When Jay saw Frank talking up the hot new professor, he shouted, "Check!"
by Dr-acula February 04, 2010
half of, or splits on a cigarette
oh shit kid... im fresh outta boags you tryna let me get checks on that newy or what mah dood?
by houff December 12, 2007
Term used in place of "yes" in U.S. Army Field Artillery.
SGT: You ready for the next fire mission?

PVT: Check sergeant!
by J.D.G. February 12, 2004
When someone has no jawline or definition between their neck and chin.
'Some people have chins and some people have necks, but some of us have checks'

Friend 1: Look at the check on that woman!
Friend 2: Shit man, she looks like a toe!
by AM97 July 30, 2013
When you are so fat that your chin and your neck converge into one.
Man, look at the Check on that no-neck fatty!
by God With a Heart of Oak August 31, 2010

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