1. Noun; Peice of parchment that is used in banking to give large amounts of money to people easily.
2. Verb; To go over something to make sure its the way you want it.
3. Noun; Symbol, usually meaning good, or correct.
1. "My mommys check was really small she said. Oh, by the way, were moving."
2. "Damnit Tom, why do you have to triple check everything?"
3. "OK kids, count your checks, whoever has the most wins!"
by James C. Bird August 31, 2007
a mark consisting of one slash downward to the right continuing in another sharp upward slash. maybe an old chinese character meaning moron? makes mom think twice about putting your spelling tests up on the fridge.
question on exam: In what year did Hitler invade Poland? answer: He sailed across the ocean blue in 1492 but didn't make it to Poland until 1493. teacher marks five checks here
by Jukeboxxer June 28, 2004
1. To take-out or make a hit on someone in any sport. Common in Hockey and Rugby.
3. Later, goodbye, see ya. Said "Check 'em".
1. "I put a mad check on him. He had to get carried off on a stretcher, out for the season."
3. "I'm bouncing nigga. Check 'em!"
by Diego August 29, 2003
One of two things you can do in poker as the starting player.
Dealer: Check or bet sir?
Man 1: Bet 1000.
Man 2: I CALL AND RAISE U 20000!
Man 3: Is it possible to check?
by www.eternalsoldiers.net July 26, 2003
To unexpectedly punch a guy in the balls for no apparent reason while yelling "CHECK".
"Dude, i went to the party and and must have been check'd at least 10 times".
by jawman1994 June 09, 2009
To ejaculate, usually during masturbation.
"Dude! Why is my magazine all wet?"

"Oh, I saw that picture of those two girls making out and I just had to check all over it."
by imnakedhamadeyoulook May 31, 2009
(n); a remark made to call someone on a particularly homosexual-sounding phrase (as if checking off a requirement to a gay confirmation list)
1. Joe: Woah, the colors in that painting display so much emotion!
Jeff: Check!

2. Joe: I don't know if I can make it, I've got an orchestra concert coming up..
Jeff: You just earned yourself a check.
by AndThenSome November 18, 2007
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