1. What you do with your winter coat upon entering a danceclub.

"Avoid after-hours chills and loss of property during Chicago winter. Instead of wrapping a sticky barstool with your pea coat—just check it! Upon arrival to any nightclub, this chore comes first. You can work the room, flirt with the bartender, or go trainspotting *after* your coat is in a safe place. At the end of the night when you pick it up—be sure and tip the attendant well."


2. A section of a pattern made by rectilinear repetition.

The lady's Burberry handbag sported the company's trademarked check pattern.


3. The act relating to the various transactions of goods/services for legal tender generally exchanged between cashiers and customers in "check-out lines" which provide a convenient setting for this process (usually seen near the exit of supermarkets, retail department stores, etc.)
"Following the unexpected rush to the regular as well as the express check-outs, all available cashiers were paged to the front of the store to check."
by chicagojosh77 April 18, 2010
Top Definition
1.to put someone in their place
2.to realize your current position in any of many situations
3.paper money you write
best check yo self, before you reck yourelf
by tweek December 19, 1999
Jizz or the act of jizzing (masturbation).
"You were in the bathroom for thirty minutes, what were you doing in there?"

"I was checking; i found this great new site."
by snipesndangles May 26, 2009
Checkered or two-tone clothing items and accessories, particularly in context of Ska music, and the Ska scene.
That rudeboy was in ska concert gear; he had all his checks on.

I'm going to a ska show tonight, so I need to pick up my checks.
by Skek November 20, 2004
When someone "calls someone out" or makes fun of someone else. Good checks are funny. Usually when someone is checked, other people will laugh and sometimes join in to the "checking games"
Me - "Brandon you're so ashy, I could start a fire with you're dang kneecap."
Brandon - "Bruh why you gotta check me!!?"

Me - "Britney you need to be checked for that shirt, it looks like a dirty dishrag"
Britney "damn.."
by SmallBodyBigShirt January 04, 2014
In poker, the units used, in place of real money, to bet with. Also known as chips.
When he saw he made his flush, he reached for his stack of checks.
by theeightfive April 11, 2007
-Cash, Money
I just got a check off them TVs
by k leron April 09, 2012
A coded word that brings attention to the fact that someone in the vicinity is making a move on the opposite sex (without being obvious). The move being made may be overt, subtle, physical, flirting etc. Checks are usually done to embarrass the parties involved.
Advanced users may make a more complex coding system such as check-plus, check-minus, j-check, s-check etc which may be user defined.
When Jay saw Frank talking up the hot new professor, he shouted, "Check!"
by Dr-acula February 04, 2010

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