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the clicky sound ya make wit ur tongue when ur lookin down on sumbody
mama-did u kno johnny boy got put in jail??
papa-TSK TSK, i alwayz thot he was a good ol boy!
by kinkyC November 10, 2002
The click of the tongue that most people use when irritated, pissed, or finds something/someone annoying or unamusing
Mary: John, he's at it again
John: TSK!That boy never learns
by Madlover27 February 27, 2015
A sound when expressing disgust. Or a bird that is very rare.
Tsk me your immature. A rare blue tsk.
by Splashes January 12, 2015
A term of annoyance; also-the Sinned Knight
Tsk...he always gets the last piece of chicken.
by Duo.exe August 12, 2008
1. Abbreviation for That's So Kobe. Describes something totally cool or awesome.

2. What the idiot Chris Murton says (West Shore)
Yeah that was so TSK
by bettercallsaul June 07, 2010
Three shot kill. Accomplished by opening fire on an enemy with the M6D pistol, and connecting with the first three shots fired; last shot must connect on the head. Succesful execution results in almost instant death.
I got two TSK's in a row on that noob.

A TSK is very impressive on XBC with a 150 ping.
by Fëanor July 31, 2005
some gay ass gang that claims 559. psssh!!!
Last night, I beat the hell out of that genzel bitch from tsk.
by tsk_killa! September 08, 2008
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