A label stupid, poor, lower class, trampy people gave themselves in order to fit into some kind of steriotypical group (because all the other groups reject them).

They live in estates, feeding off our taxes through benefits, which they spend on countless rings, thick gold chains, cigarettes and alcohol.

If it wasn't for the government these people would be homeless.

simple as.
Copper: You're under arrest.
Chav: What the fuck for?
Copper: Swearing at a police officer!
by the_end_is_nigh (myspace) August 02, 2005
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The origins of the word are the mid-19th century Romany word chavi, meaning "delinquent male youth". It is sometimes defined as "male youth" but that is in fact inaccurate as the word is intend to carry a negative meaning much as calling a young child a "brat" in English.

The first known recorded history of the words usage comes from a story written in London citing trouble with young people distrubing graves in the London area simply as a means of disrepect. The story was based on an issue brought to light by the Church of England.

History: A local London church (who had the position of owning the a graveyard at that time)had informed the Church of England calling upon its huge power and influence to resolve an issue of local youths disrupting its graveyard. When the church questioned locals it was revealed by local immigrants that the problems came from young Romany which they called "chavi". The immigrants claimed the incidents had no evil motives are were just an example of badly behaved youths playing a prank.

The word enjoyed a period of widespread use around the time but then disappeared from mainstream until around 1988 when a major new service ran a story citing a similiar incident. The source of the story is unknown but it is known to have used the word "Chavi" because a court case followed due to the enthic orgin of the word and the way it was used in the story. The story was again about an issue in London and the paper first ran there.

There have been many claims that the word came from Scotland or the Northern areas of England but these claims are in fact false and show a lack of knowledge of the etymology of the word. Another untrue claim of the word is the spelling should be "charv" with the explanation being that the word comes from "charver". In fact this is incorrect as the word "charver" roughly translates to a "prositute or someone who sacrifices their bodies to gain wealth" and the words popularity is directly related to a sub-culture in Britain where as the members generally do not work (ruling out charver completely) and are social deviates.

Probably the most accurate definition of a Chav would be: members of the lower class; uneducated and ignorant people with little regard of the legal system or without respect for the society inwhich they live.
Everywhere you look Britian is full of chav scum.
by claymuir September 28, 2005
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Comes from a police term:
"Council House Associated Violence". Basically anything that's gained or has the potential to gain an Anti-Social Behaviour Order. Too young to prosecute fully, too old for a plain and simple slap - unless you know somewhere really dark you can lure him to first >;¬)
A 14 year old burberry and "bling" clad vandal/gangster wannabe who belongs to parents that are probably too busy to pay attention to little "Kev" except when the police knock the door because he's TWOC'rd next door's car again , causing the likelihood of an ASBO and them all getting evicted.
Kevchav has a 13 year old girlfriend called Chantelle who's pregnant, yet they still spend their pocket money on carlsberg, fags and chewing gum.
by sistercrow June 30, 2005
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British lower class. Thought to as scum by all except themselves. Commonly seen congregating on council estates and outside "maccy D's" wearing nike, schott and a 9 inch thick gold chain.
Wayne Rooney. And a retard. Chavs suck.
by Jake Hill December 01, 2005
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a person that wears clothes that look like pajamas every day of the week until the dirt intergrates its self in to the material(im mean gross). they normaly live in council estates. chavs will never pick a fight unless they outnumber that person 5 to 1. most chavs wear burberry (a realy shit checked pattern) which looks crap. the only thing worse than burberry is fake burberry which is for those chavs to cheap to buy the real thing!chavs are totally unreasonable. avoid chavs at all cost if you do encounter a chav on his own u will fine as at the sight of you he will have craped him self but be warned if you meet a group of chavs you will be challenge the best thing to do in this situation is to punch the one that challenges you his "mates" shall then shit them selves and run away.
chavs will shorten words like "isnt it" to "n it" and "brother" to "bruv"
by Dave February 17, 2004
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The British equivalent of American white trash - but more ghetto and less redneck
British chav: Piss off ya stupid yankee prick or i'll thump your arse good, ya hear me fucker? (*bling bling*)

American redneck: shut up you stupid liberal limey queer! you anti-American God-hating liberal losers got your asses kicked in the Revolution. just you come on down to Texas and say that in front of me and my 7 cousins and we'll show you the 2nd Amendment you stupid punk! oh yeah, and God Bless America too!
by GeorgeMichael August 27, 2009
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Stupid annoying arses, need to get a life, think they're superior to the human race, (female and male chavs) shag everything that moves, (male chav) hand always in their pants, (female chav) MUST get pregnant as soon as period starts, regardless of age,
walk with shoulders swinging, obssessed with brand names, play shitty whiny music very piss takingly loudly on buses, hang around Mcdonalds for a meal, talk like twats, look like twats, use cheap deodrant and tell mates "its prada i swear, blud!"
Fuck you, chavs, you killed Britain
by sanadeep July 06, 2007
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