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music which "tries" very hard to become real rap, but sadly it doesnt make the grade. many new "Rap Songs" seem to be landing into this category, songs such as "Crank Dat", "King Kong" and "Chicken Noodle Soup" have landed in the thick of the Crap Rap Action... also noted are the TERRIBLE dances which tend to be associated with the songs
Person #1: Man did u hear that new Soulja boy song?
Person #2: Ye i did, man that muthafuckin song SUCKS!!! And dont even talk about that muthafuckin dance...
Person #1: dat shitz definately CRAP RAP
by Beyenne October 08, 2007
mediocre rap artist that samples classic rap beats and have talentless end rhyme.
Did you hear Crime Mob's crap rap? It sucks.
by Taul Trio July 20, 2006
Crap rap is bad rap music.Some songs,albums and music by any rap artist that is not good.If any rapper make bad(not good) music then his music is called crap rap.Some examples for crap music artists:
Public Enemy
Immortal Technique
Big Daddy Kane
Kool G Rap
Jeru The Damaja
50 cent
Young Buck
And some example for good rappers:
Big Tymers
Three 6 Mafia
LL Cool J
Puff Daddy
Black Rob
Above The Law
Too Short
Snoop Dogg
Al Kapone
Wu-Tang Clan
The crap rap is most often called "real hip-hop" by his fans but it ain`t real it sucks.Only they think it`s great.
by LayLowwwwwwwwwwwwwww June 27, 2010
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