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Men In Black, what else could it be, that makes sense?
MIB fight those damn aliens, be damned if they come back alive, all ye of evil consciousness.
by Alexi October 19, 2003
mint in box; used to describe item for sale on ebay, for example
"mib" items are generally more expensive
by Mike January 12, 2004
1.'Men in black' as in the movie, shooting aliens up and stuff.

2.Manchester united FC away supporters/fans/hooligans are often to referred as the red army, MIB or 'men in black' due to there dress code which is predominantly black.
1.Kay: Set for pulsar level five, subsonic implosion factor two.
Jay: What?
Kay: Just shoot the damn thing on the count of three.

2.rival supporter:Get our fackin boys together, the MIB are coming to town tonight.
by ICJ May 07, 2009
Conehead-speak for shit. Seen in the movie 'Coneheads' when something bad happens, like when their ship is crashing.
"Mibs! Human Authority Figures!"
by Sierra Bravo July 22, 2005
Mibs equals handmade, art glass-marbles (or glass marbles in general, but I only include artistically fit, contemporary marbles for my definition).
As of autumn 2006, amazing artists, such as KENAN TIEMEYER, DREW FRITTS, BRAD BRANDOLINO (the Matrix Man), KEVIN O'GRADY, DAVID SALAZAR, etceteras, expand the possibilities to a frenzied degree. Of note, the fume technique is causing havoc among addicts, at the moment. Bidding war usually occur on Ebay and other sites. Uranium inclusion is always a welcome diversion. And opticals are rare among mibs, and I am not talking about vortices, either. Huge marbles, 2.60 inches in diameter or more, are a must. Personally, I stay away from drab, puny mibs, those that are less than 1.30 inches in diameter, especially with morose colors. And unintentional bubbles in the design vex most marble collectors, and these are usually a sign of carelessness in one's work, or even lacking in skills -- an amateur, perhaps?
by DJ VEX September 24, 2006
An abbreviation for make it bacon. Usually used in reference to a larger girl. Mib 2.0 is a younger fat girl (under 21 years of age... usually blonder aswell), the second generation.
Wow that larger girl is a real mib.
by RIPOM April 03, 2009
An idiot using Mibbit (a popular web-IRC service) to connect to an IRC chat without changing their name and usually ask idiot questions.
*** mib_asdq32 has joined #channel (cgiirc@example.invalid)
mib_asdq32: you moderators are NOOBS!!!
operator: another frikking mib.
by NTAuthority June 17, 2010
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