n. A chatch is someone unimportant, worthless, laughable, or annoying. The word chatch is usually conveyed with a tone of disdain or disrespect. Chatch often appears in the form of the phrase "some chatch" meaning "someone so unimportant that he isn't deserving of description." When used to convey annoyance with a male, it could be substituted for the word "bitch," but the word "chatch" also implies arrogance of the speaker. Chatch almost always is used to describe a male; the female variation is chitch.
1. Q: "Who called you yesterday?"
A: "I don't know. It was some chatch."

2. "That drunk guy just pissed all over himself. What a chatch."

3. "I don't want to lend you my car, I just washed it."
"Dude, don't be a chatch."
by artythesmarty May 24, 2013
commonly known as the cooter aka poonhole
Hittin up some chatch is nice after a hard day's work.
by birdman May 23, 2004
Not to be confused with its North American counterpart, the "chotch"; the chatch is an abbreviated term for chest patch. Refers to one's mound of chest hair.
"Don't pull my chatch bro!" (in reference to 'Don't tase me bro!')
Or -
"Somewhow, some gum got caught in my chatch."
"Dude, you shave your chatch? Sooooooo chotch."
by Dylan, Tim December 23, 2007
a nickname for the hebrew name chaya meaning life or wild animal. it derives from the nickname chayale.
it means the best , loving , caring ,most beautiful friend in the universe!
can often be interchangeable with chatchel bratchel and farthead.
hey chatch ! i love you so much!
chatch, why do you have the best friends in the world?
could you BE more loveable, chatch?
by mushk tushk June 08, 2007
A chatch refers to a penis that was surgically altered into a vagina, as per gender reassignment surgery or vaginaoplasty.
I bet that tranny is itching to get her chatch nailed for the first time!
by soulburn November 19, 2007
Slang for a womans crotch area, mainly the vagina
That chatch is crusty
Ill kick you in the chatch Josh
by bento June 17, 2006
A noun, verb, or adjective meaning anything and/or everything. Comes from the yiddish "chatchkies" meaning stuff
Todays SAT word of the day is chatch: The man behind the counter sold a bunch of chatchkies to those chatches who will in turn give them to their chatches and put them in a chatch.
by Digory May 28, 2005
Let's blow some chatch tonight.
by John Weir September 22, 2003

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