Travelling Showmans term to have sex with someone.
May have a romany background.
I charvered her last night.
I wouldnt mind charvering her.
by Showman December 02, 2004
a group of idiots from the north east of england, who hang around in crews of around 30 to give a combined IQ of 2.5 they wear fake everything. I think the girls hair is fake. They have around 7 offspring in their lifetime often with assorted fathers. Nobody likes these bastards.
How man fuck off man y' steroid takin freak d'ya want us to show ya how radge i can get.
English:I'd watch it if i was you do you want a demo of my mental unstableness.
Watch ya back dazza he's skivved up
English:proceed with caution darren he appears to have a weapon.
by Les Pretend February 28, 2005
a group or gang of chavs
look at those stupid charvers with their pants tucked into their socks
by del boy September 25, 2006
A breed of chav from the north east
BOYS will be seen in tracksuits, burberry, granda caps and rockports
GIRLS will have thick gold jewellery and caked on make up. Both wear BERGHAUS, COLUMBIA, MERA PEAK and other "hiking" coats.
Let wi gan doon the offie and ill chaw some sweaty. Gan get sum lowie from wor yem for a geet bit tac ind we'll twok a snout off a goff

Lets go to the off licence and ill steal some cheap wine. You go and get some money from my house for a lot of marijuana and we'll steal a cigarette from a goth.
by KAyleeeeeeee August 09, 2005
The all too familiar sight of male and female teens with an IQ of approximately One,that are now found on every street corner of every town in every city in the UK. Wearing normally blue n white striped jumpers, Burberry caps, daft tracksuit bottoms tucked into their socks and normally a fake pair of Rockports or tacky trainers.. The girls are equally as bad, zero dress sense and earings a dolphin could leap through. These Cretins normally smoke and drink their heads off every night, which is fine, cos with a bit of luck, they'll all die soon!!
'ere, can u get me some cigs from the shop, i cant get served mate?'
"No, fuck off"
by MickyC February 15, 2005
A charver is an unintelligent being. They are renouned for being dropouts and generally fail in life. You can tell a charv by there permaneant sideways look, the smell of tabacco, burberry caps, scooters, trance music, over the top sports wear, cheap jewelery(known as bling), the use of the words "marra" ,"who","like","tabs" and the constant use of the word "fuck" or "fuckin".
"the charv's are having tabs in the toilets"
by Jonny Allsop October 14, 2004
Women who wear gold crouisants for earings, and far too much nasty gold jewelery, and style their fringes around coke cans. Men who perch their burberry caps far too high on their heads. Both sexes wear fake Rockport, Kappa, and Burberry clothing, and tuck their sporty trousers into their ankle boots. They constantly harrass anybody who is even remotly different, they drink special brew, and skank tabs off of people.
Charver = Gis a tab leek man!
Response = Fuck off and get a job so you can buy your own!
by Jennie November 15, 2003

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