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when one becomes so tan that they take on the color of charcoal.
"Damn, Hannah got charked at the beach yesterday."

"I forgot to put on sunscreen a couple days ago and now I'm looking a little charky."
#charked #charky #tan #brown #pale #sun
by michaela234 June 22, 2011
When you didnt totally black out. you remember bits and pieces of the whole night. not totally ¨blacked¨ out.

charked (short for charcoal)
¨dude what happened to you last night¨
¨idk man, i was pretty charked last night¨

¨you were so charked that night bro¨
#blacked out #drunk #faded #gone #wasted
by gooohdtiemz March 21, 2011
To steal, beat up, climax on, be defeated, lose, or have intercouse with someone.
A Jake i charked this really hot girl last night at you party.

i should have charked that game from walmart while the clerk wasn't looking.
#charking #chark #boned #srewed #cherk #chrak #hark
by zero123 June 18, 2009
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