What you spit out when you've already chewed up the food but you realize it just tastes too bad and you can't swallow it
Person 1: God, this tastes awful!
Person 2: Then just spit it out.
Person 1 spits out chunks of chewed-up food.
Person 2: Ew, you got chark all over my plate, dude!
by Walerie February 02, 2011
Top Definition
Any couple who shows good intentions but sometimes poor judgement, esp. when it comes to partying.
Those charks should have thought twice before bringing their beer to the beach, they could have saved themselves a bunch of money in fines.
by trueboo July 01, 2005
A word you can substitute for any other word.
1.) Man that's so chark.
2.) If you try to chark with me I will Chark you up.
3.) I like to Chark
by MHKgirl October 14, 2010
The word shark being slaughter by the Latino community who cant properly speak the English language
Pedro "be careful when you go to the beach, watch out for the charks"
by lala19999997 March 17, 2013
A fictional story that is in no way plausible to have any truth to it at all. A story that is created by an individual solely to enhance ones ego. Can also be implemented to one up another guys story or experience.
This one time I killed 5 ninja's just to get to the peanut butter jar, thats a chark
by Charlie Harcus November 19, 2009
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