A lesbian....
Guy: dude
Celeste: I'm lesbian
#lesbian #cool #vagina #orange #lollipop
by HI_VALERIE March 03, 2015
The girl who leaves a social gathering without warning or saying goodbye. The disappearing friend.
Where did she go?

Oh, she must have left and just pulled a Celeste.
#party #disappears #friend #heavenly #independent
by C_leagues July 15, 2014
A gurl who comes off crazy because she probably is. She can be rage-full at times and says really mean things that she always feels excruciatingly bad about it moments, hours, days, months and sometimes years later. She never wants to see anyone in pain; but if you cause Celeste or anyone she cares about any pain you will be on her shit list. It's not a fun place to be. Celeste loves with her entire being and is easily hurt. Celeste has compassion most times when understanding a situation. Celeste has passion and gratitude.
Celeste is not perfect; she can be a royal bitch some times guys.
#crazy #rage-full #passion #compassion #royal #loyal #understanding #loves #gratitude
by PineappleJuice March 28, 2015
A beautiful natural blonde with lime green glistening eyes. She tends to dye her hair for her likings. She puts others before herself. Her boyfriend is a lucky man and would be dumb to lose her. She's breath taking. Romantic, catty, mouth of a sailor but sweet soft lips. You couldn't ask for a better girl. Once you have her you wouldn't reconsider.
Damn she isn't a ten..she's a CELESTE.
You'd be dumb not to tap Celeste.
#celeste #blonde #green #lucky #beautiful
by Hairynipplesbitch November 25, 2013
a person often described as a "boomtings"
they get fans and people who become obsessed by them
and write poems about them.
"oh my god look at that guy hes so obsessed with her"
"taking his life away it looks like"
"fucking sucubi"
"more like Celeste!"
#sucubi #celeste #poop #i #like #oranges #they #turn #me #on
by lots and lots and lots of pie January 29, 2008
Is the most beautiful athletic stubburn person. THey tend to like squirrels and if you have a Celeste as a friend they will be your friend for life. A Celeste is also verry smart. Some may say your a show off but your just smart and there jealous of you. Another thing we dont care who talks about us we know none of its true. The best girlfriends to have they are devoted to you.
"I wish my name was Celeste"


"You must be a Celeste"

WOW, Celeste you are smart"

how can you be so stubburn sometimees?

because i am a celeste sillly
#beautiful #smart #squirrell #stubburn #celeste
by Crios February 20, 2010
If shes a Celeste she is probably
1. Fake, pretends to be something shes not like happy.
2. Doesnt know how to let go of the past
3. Never happy with her self
4. Always puts others before herself
5. Very Sensitive to what you say
6. Knows how to love and care for others but not herself
7. Usually a brunette

8. Can read others well
9. Cant make decisions that easy
10. Very Clingy
11. People usually think shes a bitch
Dude did you see that she just wont let go, thats because shes a Celeste.
#bitch #pretty #love #care #time
by CoraCalyimpo March 31, 2011
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