Meaning celestial. Angelic, divine, ethereal, immortal, otherworldly, spiritual, sublime, and supernatural.
Celeste is a heavenly being.
by Msallrightythen October 13, 2013
1. an absolutely gorgeous and righteous girl. She's so lovely beyond belief and she is calm and mild-mannered. She is smart and intelligent but she is no geekess. She is radiant, a goddess of love.

2. a female name, meaning "heavenly".She may or may not be a sex goddess as described in the above definition.

3. the last name of Richard Celeste, who was governor of the state of Ohio during the 80s and early 90s.
1. that girl is wearing a tight glittery blue mini-dress, she has long jet black hair down to her waist and her stout hips, her skin has an olive hue and complexion, her eyes are so radiant, she has a nice figure and her legs are strong. She can play the cello and the acoustic guitar, she's a voracious lit reader and she can do synchronized swimming. She's a beauty, a cutie, a goddess, she's a CELESTE.

2. I knew a girl of that name in the 5th grade. In our talent show she was in a glittery majorette costume twirling a baton. That's when I knew the source behind my "physical sensations" AKA "growing up" ; )

3. Governor Dick Celeste is a man. No doubt about it.

by Buckeye Starr December 26, 2010
A gorgous girl, any guy in their right mind would dream of having, even though sometimes she's stubbon. She makes up for it by also being kind and funny, her confidence - if possible - exedes her beauty, they are generally blond and have brown eyes. Just remember you never want to get on a Celeste's bad side or you will be slapped by several of her girlfriends!
Guy1: man, what did you do to Celeste? Guy2: how did you know I did something to Celeste?. Guy1: you just got slapped by Megan, Rachel and Sue, you obviously got on Celeste's bad side! Guy2: yeah but I am not mad at her... Guy2: well how can you stay mad at a beautiful girl like Celeste?
by Zackakazam! November 20, 2010
A girl that is of 'Goddess' status. Listens to only the best music, knows how to kick ass. One that listens to only the best music, and will commit a fly kick to those whose music is "garbage". A piece of 'hot ass', that can cook Italian food and hold her own in a cypher. Only the luckiest are able to survive around her, let alone touch her.
Wow, I think I love you... you're a Celeste.
by lovethewholeuniverse April 05, 2015
A certain breed of people that the word sexy will often be used to describe. Very elegant flow. Although can be very nerdy at times, are some of the most amazing individuals. Never dull moments with these ones. Can be very playful and especially like to hang out with friends. Love to smile and laugh.
Look at that Celeste there!
by lovethewholeuniverse April 05, 2015
A lesbian....
Guy: dude
Celeste: I'm lesbian
by HI_VALERIE March 03, 2015
Describes someone or something that is extremely dope, almost heavenly
That movie was so Celeste!

by lovethewholeuniverse April 05, 2015

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