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an amazing chick
a best friend
a hot girl
an AFSE (advocate for the sexual experience)
a gift from god
"Celeste and i had a great time"
by Cookie Doe August 26, 2008
A very beautiful female and the perfect girlfriend a man could ask for. One who likes to continously bite. Even though she may win fights its because her boyfriend is being nice to her and letting her win :)
"Im so glad to have a Celeste in my life"

by J Mont December 24, 2008
A sexy girl with an hour glass shape. She usually has big pink lips and brown hair with blue eyes. Shes very nice so don't be afraid to talk to her. Shes smart but shes not a geek. She dresses nice and looks good in anything! She loves sports and the perfect girl any guy would want!!
Damn did you see Celeste today?

Yeah she was so SEXY today!
Are you kidding? Shes always sexy. Cause shes a Celeste.
by Coolgurl12 April 22, 2011
amazingly beautiful, one from heaven, angel-like. One That is truly amazing, Is Extremly beautiful and hot, has a kind heart, one who is known to bite alot, is often to be known as a very smart person and is a gift from god

These girls typically make amazing girlfriends and any guy would be lucky to have a Celeste.
guy one: howd you and celeste go last night, guy two: we got it on, guy one: is she good, guy two: man shes amazing
by iapd April 27, 2011
Celeste is a girl who feels like she's not enough for anyone, but is truly an amazing and beautiful girl on the inside and out. Celestes are amazing, loyal, and true friends who have a wonderful sense of humor and is good at making friends once she gets to know them. She's an all around type of girl, accepting, loving, passionate and has strange creativity. She can have a wild side, but makes good grades and can be shy at times. She's trustworthy, and will not break a promise.

She loves animals and is more than willing to make people happy, all the time. Generally she's an amazing person, on the inside and out.
Celeste is trustworthy.
by LoveaBabe October 13, 2013
1. an absolutely gorgeous and righteous girl. She's so lovely beyond belief and she is calm and mild-mannered. She is smart and intelligent but she is no geekess. She is radiant, a goddess of love.

2. a female name, meaning "heavenly".She may or may not be a sex goddess as described in the above definition.

3. the last name of Richard Celeste, who was governor of the state of Ohio during the 80s and early 90s.
1. that girl is wearing a tight glittery blue mini-dress, she has long jet black hair down to her waist and her stout hips, her skin has an olive hue and complexion, her eyes are so radiant, she has a nice figure and her legs are strong. She can play the cello and the acoustic guitar, she's a voracious lit reader and she can do synchronized swimming. She's a beauty, a cutie, a goddess, she's a CELESTE.

2. I knew a girl of that name in the 5th grade. In our talent show she was in a glittery majorette costume twirling a baton. That's when I knew the source behind my "physical sensations" AKA "growing up" ; )

3. Governor Dick Celeste is a man. No doubt about it.

by Buckeye Starr December 26, 2010
The girl who leaves a social gathering without warning or saying goodbye. The disappearing friend.
Where did she go?

Oh, she must have left and just pulled a Celeste.
by C_leagues July 15, 2014