A beautiful and gorgeous white German girl who loves life, She is a beast swimmer, loves the color blue, loves strawberries, loves pitbulls, loves dark chocolate, is a facebook addict, loves gerber daisys, loves the notebook and the ugly truth, greys anatomy, the secret life of the American teenager, family guy, dolphins, loves jews, she is insanely smart, has adorable freckles on her face, sweetest person ever, athletic, has strawberry blonde hair, has gorgeous blue  grayish eyes, stubborn at points, funny, amazing girl, she hates milk, has a sense of humor, you can talk to her about anything, she is one of the coolest people you would ever meet, a weirdo and loser(in a good way), hates cats, a great kisser, is going to become a freaking great surgeon, likes getting double raped. Any guy would be lucky to have her.
Guy1: hey man you see that girl over there? 
Guy2: yeah, what about her? 
Guy1: I have been talking with her all night, she is amazing. 
Guy2: no shit man, she is a Celeste.
by roman_051410 May 26, 2010
intelligent, calm, wonderful, sometimes lost
celeste rabbit
by whatshould i do May 04, 2010
One who flirts non stop but sucks at it, guys hate her for this.
One who Talks behind peoples backs and denies it, one who lies through her teeth, one who likes attention lies about who she is.... meaning gives the vibe she is a slut who parties but really is prude and never has done anything that has to do with partying pretty much a follower of her friends she cant be her self...
Celeste sent you a picture of what???
by Tiffany Bangs May 01, 2010
a girl who smells like fish and has really greasy hair. she thinks every one likes her but everyone truly HATES her. she thinks shes cool but sucks at everything.
" Haha that girl is such a celeste "
by ohmygoddude October 09, 2011
a fuck tart
wow have you seen that celeste?
by ashlee harrington April 04, 2011
Pure definition of bitch.
OMG, she's such a bitch....she must be a Celeste.
by trolololo22 March 29, 2011
absolutely beautiful, but has a fettish for indians. loves turkey.
are you going out with an indian? she must be a celeste.
by random aus girl (: August 29, 2008

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