Carbon copy. The second line on an email for which you add emails of people who aren't as important as those in the send to box.

Subject: email
by Lord Byron June 21, 2005
abbreviation for Colorado College.
townie: dude there's nothing to do in this boring ass town
townie2: yea lets just go hit up a CC party, even though we'll probably get kicked out.
by lay-zjew January 04, 2009
Change Channels. Frequently used by unfriendly people in MMORPG MapleStory. MapleStory players say this so they can have a map or training spot for themselves. On private servers a GM (Game Master) will often be mentioned after asking someone to change channels, so the other will be afraid to get banned and change channels eventually.
Person 1: *comes into map*
Person 2: CC or I call a GM!
Person 1: Okay okay, I just came in...
by xSnowbell August 25, 2010
Usually part of the acronym pertaining to a community college, or "junior college." These types of colleges are without residential facilities and are often funded by the government.

These types of schools are much more affordable than major universities and can be used, in most occasions, to get into a major university after two years without taking the ACT or SAT, among other reasons. They also usually offer only Associate's Degree programs unless planning to transfer.

Many people think of them as colleges for the dumb or poor, and are often called "NAME High" by the ignorant who don't deserve to go to U of M for being able to throw a football. No offense to football.
Terrance: "Hey man, did you get into Michigan too?"

Billy: "Nah, I have to go to the crappy CC here because I didn't get my scholarship and my dad got laid off. This IS Michigan after all."

Terrance: "Oh. Too bad your parents aren't rich like mine!"

Billy: "Yeah, go fuck yourself, Terry."
by drewbocop December 08, 2009
An individual that has experienced the act of circumcision.
One who is circumcised.

1) Vince "Hey are you a cc?"

Nick "Sure im a cc."

Vince " HEYYY CC!!"

2) Robbie "Hey man, cc .. cc (handshake)."

Josh " Ya man cc. I love it."
1) Vince "Hey are you a cc?"

Nick "Sure im a cc."

Vince " HEYYY CC!!"

2) Robbie "Hey man, cc .. cc (handshake)."

Josh " Ya man cc. I love it."
by Vince72 November 15, 2009
short for computer cleaner (dust off). it gives you an intense high that makes your lips and finger tips numb.

1. shake the dust off
2. do a quick spray in the air to make sure that you dont get the liquid on your tongue
3. put the bottle to your mouth
4. pull the lever and inhale
5. hold the air in your mouth
6. exhale slowly and try not to fall over
cc head: i cant walk. it was such a big hit, imma fall over
guy: haha dude pass that shit
by venice kid October 25, 2007
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