18 definitions by squilliam

another term for Criss Angel the best magician in the world
i love watching emo jesus on A&E every wednesday night at 10.
by squilliam November 30, 2006
stands for capitalistic cunts
those CC's at the store wouldn't let me have my medicine because i didn't have the money to pay for it.
by squilliam November 17, 2006
vicious cycle of worthlessness
this society, history, and social structure is just one big Vcow.
by Squilliam November 13, 2006
a derrogatory term directed toward someone who is stupid or who is a bitch.
you stupid crazy cumtwat!
by squilliam September 20, 2007
vicious cycle of cunts
those idiots in positions of power are just contributing to this worthlessness that abounds. They are such Vcoc's.
by Squilliam November 13, 2006
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