Closet Case - The name given to a guy/girl that denies their sexuality
Jim: you are a cc
Pat: Huh? What's that?
by Cent Rino February 27, 2005
A sexy hot chick who is the life of the party.
Damn that girl is wild. She's such a CC
by Cecilie March 27, 2005
short for chubby chaser
Dylan is a CC and likes old fat girls
by im too sexy for my shirt March 26, 2007
an abreaveation of common cunt, meaning a girl or women is a totally slut that sleeps around.
Hey man don't date that chick she's a total cc.
by lucish July 16, 2008
Nickname for a female member of the god squad who preforms oral sex
Emma is so not a Christian, she is such a CC, she gave Ethan head last night.
by Lindsey19804 September 30, 2006
Click Click
Originaly in WWII pilots would confirm a request or an order by clicking thier mic in and out, making a "click click" sound. Now a days, gamers use the letters CC to imitate/abbreviate the sound.
Flight Leader: We'll be going in at 3k
Pilot: cc
by qranger October 16, 2006
Constructive Criticism. Critique given by reviewers to help a writer improve his/her work.The opposite of a flame. There is nice CC, matter of fact CC and harsh CC.

Flames are criticism without help suggestions
CC Example 1: This story is pretty damn good, but I do have a slight issue with A and C. Improve and it'll be as good as B and D.

CC Example 2: What have you done? This story is very poorly written, yet it could be great if you do this this this and this. I also suggest you find a beta reader.

CC Example 2: WTF? What is this crap? You don't have any writing talent whatsoever! *proceeds to tell why*

Flame: U suk! My fuking dog can write better than u. Remove dis shit and stop writing, tard!
by Bill September 29, 2006

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