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abbreviation of seriously.
cc perry your such an idiot
by vancouvertrendez December 03, 2011
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CC is the general abbreviation, used to describe the term "clunge cleaning", or oral stimulation of the vagina via the use of the tongue. Its name derives from many sources, most notably the use of the word "clunge" in the hit E4 Series "The Inbetweeners". Whilst in public, to avoid offense, it can be referred to as CC or Clinking.
Other Terms;

Clunking - Inexperience Clunge cleaning
Clonking - The clunge cleaning of a mature/overweight woman
MegaClonking - The Clunge cleaning of a obese woman
McClinking - The Clunge cleaning with the use of food, most notably, golden syrup
by CC maker June 21, 2009
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has 2 meanings along with the others given:
1. Chubby Chaser
2. Chubby Chick
"Look at that CC, she's such a fat POS!!"
by Chyo Mamma January 08, 2009
39 49
another acronym for cross country
our tshirts say smoky hill cc
by joe April 10, 2005
129 139
Cheers cunt
by trotto1313 June 13, 2011
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1. in 1977, "carbon copy", for the pre-photocopier way of manually making copies of a letter
2. now, "courtesy copy"; either a 2nd copy of a letter or of an email sent to another recipient

Related to BCC Blind carbon/courtesy copy -- referring to extra copoes secretly sent to others.
1. Remember those old triplicate forms when you made 2 carbon copies at the same time as an original?
2. When sending mass forwards of a funny joke or email, don't put everyone in the CC field, as that's risky for spam & viruses; use the BCC field for their emails & put your own in the TO:
by Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada November 02, 2010
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abbreviation for Colorado College.
townie: dude there's nothing to do in this boring ass town
townie2: yea lets just go hit up a CC party, even though we'll probably get kicked out.
by lay-zjew January 04, 2009
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