Cock Blocking Squad. Usually used for a person or group of people who are blocking the way of one person trying to hook up with another person.
Damn those CBS now i cant get any tonight
by Raymond Tseng April 29, 2006
COX Business Services
A group of troubleshooting heroes that strive in the 21st century.
The most underrated class of technical support people on the face of the planet.
The “best of the best” in the IT problem-solving world.
If I have a problem with 21st century technology, and my business is being backed up by the folks at CBS, I am assured to be assisted by the “top-gun” communication specialists!
by Anthony Soprano November 05, 2005
Chinese Buffet Syndrome. Serious condition that effects marijuana smokers (Kailah & Cayce) the day after a massive smoke-out and/or drunken rampage. Characterized by: Blurred vision, Poor decision-making skills, Perpetual giggling for uncertain reasons & Sexiness. If you have any of these symptoms (except the last one) you should consult your dealer immediately.
"Everytime i experience CBS, i leave with another pair of (stolen) nutcrackers in my pocket!" or "This CBS...hehehehehehehehe.."
CBS (Chronic Boner Syndrome) is the terrible affliction where a man, no matter what he does, cannot get rid of an erection.
"I had CBS all morning. I even thought of your mom naked and it wouldn't go away."
by Matt Yarn Allen March 09, 2007
Coke Bottle Shits. This is where your diarrhea is so bad that you can shit into those old glass 16oz Coke bottles with the narrow opening without touching the side of the bottle.
That's the last time I eat at Taco Bell. I had a bad case of the CBS all week! That stupid Chihuahua can go fuck itself
by -d August 27, 2006
Columbia Broadcasting System and a subsidiary of Viacom. Known for being a network that routinely makes bad decisions caught up by scandals and corruption. As an example, its longtime anchor, Dan Rather stepped down amid a scandal invlolving false allegations about President Bush's military tenure.
CBS sucks and actually stands for Communist Bull Shit.
by krock1dk September 23, 2007

sex on a squeakie bed!
Last night my roomate had a bad case of CBS.
by Tulle April 27, 2004

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