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"after" means right after some other event. so if u tell someone that u'll do something after that person did something else, it is common knowledge, that u have to do it right afterwards, not leaving any time inbetween!
I'll tell u AFTER u told me something else.

> that means, u gotta tell it right after that other person told u!
by UR WORST NIGHTMARE, JIMMY :) November 04, 2009
18 7
Dessert. Sweets served after Dinner.
Did she make you afters?
by Aedan May 18, 2004
12 3
Illegal after-hours drinking in a pub/bar, after closing time. The landlord leaves the cash till open so any official outside can not hear it being opened and cash being put into it. Afters drinkers are the select few of the regular pub clientele. Used in Yorkshire, northern England
"I don´t believe in afters, because I never get invited."
by andreasegde July 30, 2006
8 1
A German word meaning anus. One to avoid when engaging in conversation with Berliner society matrons.
In spite of many years spent living in New York City, Hans (ever polite) still approached the word "after" with trepedation, still connecting it with both his mother tongue, and his nether regions.
by Ardella Safron October 22, 2006
13 12
to call seconds or half on a cigarette or joint
after you on that.give us afters on dat fag
by steveo ireland February 03, 2005
6 7
The state you are in after you party, usually the next morning. Generally an awful look and feeling are present.
Richard: "Damn, John, you look so after."
John: "I feel after...anyway hand me a beer."
by p-funk November 26, 2006
14 18
1.after, after before and before what happened after what just happened happened.
2.after, is when stupid people realize what happened ,happened
1."so what did you do today"?-"well i went to school and After that i went to you're house and had your mother"
2."right class what is 2+2"..........
by reb October 17, 2003
12 19