classy but sexual
Girl 1: I was with this guy last night and he had chanel condoms
Girl: Wow! He sounds so cbs!
by acronysh February 23, 2012
Crazy Bitch Syndrom
Wow... Shes got a severe case of CBS..
by Dirkirk April 17, 2010
Constant Blunt Smoking
by lgftw November 28, 2009
Creaky Bone Syndrome- The feeling after a night of hard drinking. You find basic movements difficult and suffer from dull aches and the occasional shiver. There is a strange sensation of release everytime you move.
James: This morning was terrible, I woke up with CBS!
Mike: The feelings mutual, I need to walk the dog but just don't want to move!
James: Bad times Mike, Bad times
by James2008MUFC-OK August 31, 2008
crazy butt sex
If two men are looking for a good time, they can enjoy some CBS all night long
by BurnMyNotice September 24, 2009
Complete Bull Shit!
Wherelse would you find David Letterman then CBS?
by Anonymous August 30, 2003
cant be sexier
wow ali and jade cbs
by shmali July 03, 2009

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