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Young Bop, a young girl who bops (gives lots of head to multiple people)
Person 1: Yeah, that one girl is a real YB

Person 2: For sure! She's only a freshman in high school and she's bopped everyone on campus!
by Suppp?? January 17, 2012
Goon 1:Lets go to YB house.
Dumb Goon 2: Who's YB?
Goon 1: YO BITCH!
Everyone around: HAHAHHAHAHA.
by YOUNGDINO December 06, 2010
YB is Scottish slang for 'Ya bass'. Although we usually associate bass with a fish (Sea Bass), in Scotland it's short for B**tard.
Greg Brown YB
by Batters_ August 06, 2010
An abbreviation for the words "Yeah buddy". An adjective or phrase used to describe a particularly awesome/exciting/sexually stimulating action or activity.

Often substituted for phaboom or awesome sauce, this word is the opposite of eeb.
Bro one: "Remember that one time I let 11 dudes crash at my sick place in Vermont and ski all weekend"

Bro two: "For sure man. You pulled a massive YB"

Bro three: "Yeah dude. That was almost as YB as that time your boy tumbled face first down the bunny hill"
by The Humes Expert January 12, 2014
Initials that indicate: "your bitch".
"With whom were you speaking on the phone just now?"
"That would be Y.B."
by why bee May 15, 2010
Acronym short for "Your boy". Generally refers to oneself in the third person. Popularized by radio personality Patrick from Sirius/XM's Cosmo Radio Show: Cocktails with Patrick.

Alternatively, YG for your girl.
"YB looks like he needs a haircut!"
by justanotherknowitall August 31, 2011
Yeah Boy Clothing,A life style of doing what we want ,get what we want...
Yeah Boy, we do what we want, YB all day every day
by skilly dankus September 29, 2010

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