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hot ass emo kid that is a skater and has like the finest body ever that makes you kust want to pounce on him and do him in the pants >.<
Girl 1:Have you seen Matias?

Girl 2.You mean the hot emo skater... yeah he went that way.
by The toucher of pant areas September 19, 2008
A strong, sexy, nice guy with a huge dick and all the girls want him.
"Hey, u know Matias"
"Yeah, he gets more pussy that garret"
by Lalapupuchuchukookoo January 04, 2015
It's that musical dude who likes music. He probably plays 3-10 instruments. He is also a soccer fan. He loves classical music, pop, and rock. You can use that name to say when you aced something musically.
Man, you hit that high G like a Matias!
by ssnsnnsnsssnss January 03, 2015
1.A Dumb Person who has no sense of self and follows what the other crowd does and goes to Pinewood High School; He agrees based on what others agree on, like this Matias:"hey i went to the mall it was cool" Other Person:"i don't go to the mall its dumb" Matias:"yea it is dumb i didn't go because its dumb"
Matias: "Hey When is chess club meeting? today? I want play so bad"

Other Guy: "chess club is for losers"

Matias: "psh I know huh I hate chess club (even though i go to every meeting)"
by Neszbit May 05, 2009
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