CBS = Cash,Bag and Shag

Abbreviation that ballers use while speaking with the boys before a night out, holiday..etc
Alright lads, CBS tonight?
by CBS July 04, 2014
slang abbreviation for Cock and Balls.
Joe: Dude why you always have your hand in your pants
Tom: I'm adjusting my CB's
by P-S-D January 05, 2010
shortened version of cbf or cant be fucked which can be used in various situations. Many words are derived from cb's like cbser, cbseritis
ridic hot chick1: wanna have sex?
burnham: cb's.
by jaxon77 June 08, 2009
Acronym for cock block squad. A group or individual who's mission in life is to ruin those perfect moments with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
Girl: oh my gosh! I was skyping the babe yesterday and my idiot little brother came in and started playing wii.

Friend: haha he's obviously just being the CBS.
by anon1998 September 02, 2013
(Crazy But Stupid, Can't Be Stopped, etc.)

The CBS meaning of "Can't Be Stopped" is taken by graffiti crews from all around the world.

The CBS meaning of "California Bomb Squad" (CBScrew) was originated from the graffiti artists mostly in LA.

The CBS meaning of "Crazy But Stupid" (CBSfilms) came from a stunt film crew from California.

The meaning of CBS of "Columbia Broadcasting System/ Color broadcasting system" (CBS Broadcasting Inc.)

is a major American television network.
I have been watching CBS all day.
by Alex Fig. August 31, 2010
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