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Chicks before dicks. Having your friends backs before your mans. Instead of M.O.N it is C.B.D
"You love me right baby?" -guy "It's C.B.D sorry babe" -girl
by AmandaReyes719 December 31, 2009
11 4
Cute But Dumb

Used when someone is "lights on; no one home", but especially when they are attractive.
Guy1: "Man, that girl is CBD!"
Guy2: "Ew"
by jifjosh January 27, 2006
60 30
Stands for "chronic bitch dependency", or when a guy is ridiculously pussy-whipped and spends every waking minute with his bitch.
"Man, I haven't seen Alex around lately, from what I hear he's got a BAD case of CBD"
by kssports88 April 10, 2008
49 21
can't blee dat shit (as in - internet shorthand for )

as in: cannot believe that shit
Global warming - cbds
by majikbocks December 17, 2009
11 4
Meaning cock blocked with a ED at the end. Used in the past tense form. Cock block means when you are hitting on a girl and one of your friends interrupts you or says something to you from not having sex or make out with that person.
person that was CB'd and me CB'd person that was CB'd him last night and it was hilarious. He kept getting mad!
by Techmau5 October 24, 2010
9 3
Central business district.
don't be racist u black fool!
by lysander March 24, 2003
34 28
Chicks Before Dicks. taken from Bros Before Hoes
You can't go out with my her ex, remeber cbd.
by LatestPlaguesXe April 11, 2007
29 25