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a face.happy.like a sheep.just not a sheep.
: )
hello i have a welsh man today.
by lysander March 24, 2003
Central business district.
don't be racist u black fool!
by lysander March 24, 2003
Some thing that has gone wrong or is really bad
Man 1:That fires gone out
Man 2: Dry biscuit
by lysander August 17, 2005
a teenager who lives in Shepton Mallet, likes knives, and kicks arse.
Lysander lives in Shepton Mallet.
Which sucks ass.
by lysander March 24, 2003
it is lol but more funnier
for lol :
man - i fell over

woman - lol

for rofl

man - i shit my pants

woman - rofl
by lysander March 31, 2003
what the hell is this.
xion needs a new name
by lysander March 24, 2003

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