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This is short for "Complete And Utter Cunt". It's taken from a book Any Human Heart, by William Boyd
Steve is a C. A. U. C. (spoken as an acronym) not as a word "cauc"
by namey name February 03, 2011
acronym: complete and utter cunt

An abbreviated term for a person who is the is the highest category of wankerdom. Most repulsive and detestable character you can imagine. Abbreviation works best in text/email correspondence.
Robert Kilroy Silk is a C.A.U.C.

She was behaving like a C.A.U.C.
by Holly February 16, 2005
C.A.U.C. is an acronym representing the “Caucasian American Understanding Coalition” -- a group formed for a symbolic youth rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where young Caucasian men apologized in solidarity for years of African American oppression.
Get your C.A.U.C. on, brothers and sisters!
by Mary Stacks February 14, 2007
The abbreviation of "Caucasian", however when someone calls you a Cauc, they aren't calling you white, but the equivalent to a white nigger.
Dave: You know what Steve, your a bit of a prick

Steve: Fuck off ya Cauc
by Dyaaar December 24, 2010
A really pale penis.
Most white boys have dark skin on their cock despite it rarely seeing the light of day, but sometimes a guy will have a blinding white cauc.
by Ef February 10, 2005
a subtitute for cock
Suck my cauc!
by KENNY! May 20, 2004
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