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catch- used when confronted by a scary object, mob, gang, or something you don't want to do is about to happen, it CAN mean goodbye, but like this, you don't actually go anywhere, you just remain standing or sitting, sometimes said or pronounced, 'cyatch'.
It can also be said just before it would seem you will get hit by a car.
(Zac is standing in the middle of the road)
(a car comes flying around the corner)
Zac: Catch
(car turns away from Zac)

Toby: Yo Zac, see that gang of Crips over there?
Zac: yeah man, catch! (Zac remains walking with Toby and never stopped walking)
by Cwalkallday April 01, 2009
The present tense verb for a male to be on the receiving end of Booty Buns. The person on the giving end of the anal sex is said to "pitch." While catching generally only applies to males, a pitcher can be a famale using a cyborg enhancement such as a dildo, a vibrator or a broken off broom-stick. To say a female catches is redundant.
Me: Man, I need a release.
Bro: I'll catch.
by scifiducky September 10, 2009
Another way of saying bye, or see you later
Person 1: Hey i'm gonna go, see u later
Person 2: Catch
by *WiCkeD* March 22, 2005
To receive testicular torsion by baseball
I was a catcher yesterday, and now there is one
by kananakook May 29, 2009
When you catch something, you see it.
Eminem-&-Dre's 4GOT BOUT DRE: "One day I was walkin' by, wit' a Walkman on, when I caught a guy give me an awkward eye (What you lookin’ at?)".
by Fangsta March 19, 2003