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to be able to fuck
dayum dat gurl wit da fatty could catch it
by twisted November 22, 2003
An order to catch something, such as a ball or frisbee. Sounds like "cat shit".
FATHER: (Tosses a frisbee to teenage son) "Catch it!"

TEENAGE SON: "I can't; I'm not a cat."
by Miss Information May 26, 2006
Definition #1: A phrase used to demand that something be acknowledged, respected, and/or recognized.

The phrase is most often used at the end of a statement you want to have acknowledged or you want to drive home. The statement may or may not have been said by the person who will then say, "Catch it!"

Definition #2: It can also be used to confirm a statement or a non verbal action such as a look.
Definition #1
Person a): "Listen to this new Madonna you will love it."
Person b): "It sounds hot! I really like it."
Person a): "Catch it!"

Definition #2
Example #1:
**You catch a friend looking at a your new Gucci belt that you wore for the first time.
Person wearing Gucci belt: "Catch it!"

Definition #2
Example #2:
Person a): "you are acting like a bitch tonight!"
Person b): "Catch it!"
by Justinq19 April 29, 2008
The action of a girl catching semon in her mouth.
"Yo, I was slamming my G yesterday and she caught it"
"In her mouth, you we're just like 'catch it?"
"Yee, drank it all up like it was orange juice."
"Oh shit nigga, on da real nigga"
by YeeNigga August 09, 2009
To catch.
Pronounciation: Cat-shit
If said out loud.

"Hunny, why did you catch it on the carpet?"
by kitohol September 17, 2009
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