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hugs and kisses
(your name)
by twisted October 20, 2003
to be able to fuck
dayum dat gurl wit da fatty could catch it
by twisted November 22, 2003
Element #60 in the periodic table, symbol Nd. Neodymium was discovered by Carl F. Auer von Welsbach (Austria) in 1885. The origin of the name comes from the Greek words neos didymos meaning new twin. It is silvery-white, rare-earth metal that oxidizes easily in air. Reacts slowly in cold water, more rapidly as heated. Metal ignites and burns readily.

This metal is used in making very powerful permanent magnets and also in materials science investigations of ceramic materials, superconductivity, etc. along with other rare earths.
I bought some neodymium magnets at the store to fool around with.
by Twisted December 10, 2003
another term for a female vagina
I slipped it in her swollen hatchet wound.
by Twisted February 27, 2003
Snusey Q, the desease that causes an admormal growth along the inner rectum that causes pain throught the scotum and causes a yellowish green substance to spill from the anus and out of the eyes. Only way to contract this disease is to have anal sex with somone named Snusey Q.
Snusey Q cant get laid
by TwIsTeD April 09, 2005
What to say when you really dont know what to say.
Common when drunk
"He's he's a a flobagob so yeah"
by twisted March 19, 2005
1) one who trancends genders even as he creates them
2) Anyone who can drink 100 cups of coffee in one day
3) Damn Canadians
Is that a Tezkah in your pants? Or are you just flamboyantly homosexual?
by Twisted March 16, 2005

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