An unpleasant infection causing people to snore abnormally loud. Often caught at large gatherings such as music festivals from lack of sleep and close contact with large groups of people.
(Glastonbury festival campsite)
Mike - STFU!
Harry - Waah?!
Mike - I've got an actual cow with cat aids in the tent behind me!
Jon - LOL cat aids.
by Harry Knight January 15, 2009
Top Definition

A very unpleasant and undesirable disease; used in comparisons to express the even greater unpleasantness and undesirability of the object to which it is compared.
Simon Amstell (presenter of the BBC show Never Mind the Buzzcocks): "Amy, why don't you do something nice with Katie Melua?"
Amy Winehouse: "I'd rather have cat aids, fank you!"
by GCLMB May 26, 2007
this is what my mate ed has every time he's Ill. Mainly due to fucking cats.
Shit, Ed's got cat aids again today and can't go to work dude!
by hol February 17, 2005
A disease you can get only if you are a cat.
One cannot get this disease if the cat piss on one's hand seeps into a nearby cut.
Simon Amstell is making his cat aids joke. (laughter ensues)
by tommyjon November 23, 2010
'hatepop' band of Western Australian fame, noted for "inventing music" and being "The best band you've never heard"

Members - Reece Nash - Guitar/ Bass / Hater

Iain Doyle - Guitar / Bad Vocals / Brainchild

Patrick Herring - Drums / Bunbury Celebrity

Astrid Alexander - Vocals / Long Distance Relationship

Jesse Potter - Removalist / Local legend

Hometown - Bunbury

Record lable - Independent

Current Location - Bunbury

General manager - Iain

Booking agent - Reece

Press contact - Patrick

Influences - Frenzal Rhomb, Nirvana, Notorious BIG, Liquor, And some crap bands that Pat listens to..

Band interests - Noise, Feedback, Adjusting the Squelch, Drop C and B, Smashing things
me: Aye bro heard cat aids yet???

you: Fuck yeah!!!

me: Its as good as shining a lazer in your eyes!

by dogga1212 July 08, 2011
usually followed by the term LOLOLOL when laughing at someone who's cat died tragically of a sexual disease (ie. aids). To avoid anger from the affected person, the 'laughter' generally covers up by typing LOLOLOL abroad on a foreign computer (for example, a Spanish keyboard)
*a typical internet conversation*
Anna: What's wrong?
Joe: my cat
Anna: What happened?
Joe: it died of aids today
Anna: Sorry, spanish keyboard, can't write properly
Joe: Sure
Anna: cat aids LOLOLOL xD
Anna: sorry urgh
by pycrete August 25, 2010
Feline HIV.
Or actually this girls tag who is uber awesome.
She gives cat AIDS to all of Maryland, and close stated
and will one day spread catAIDS all over the world.
Mr.CatAIDS is yet to be found and whoever is given this position must be someone very special.
hey John, lets go tag CatAIDS on that blank wall
by cat AIDS August 18, 2010
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