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'hatepop' band of Western Australian fame, noted for "inventing music" and being "The best band you've never heard"

Members - Reece Nash - Guitar/ Bass / Hater

Iain Doyle - Guitar / Bad Vocals / Brainchild

Patrick Herring - Drums / Bunbury Celebrity

Astrid Alexander - Vocals / Long Distance Relationship

Jesse Potter - Removalist / Local legend

Hometown - Bunbury

Record lable - Independent

Current Location - Bunbury

General manager - Iain

Booking agent - Reece

Press contact - Patrick

Influences - Frenzal Rhomb, Nirvana, Notorious BIG, Liquor, And some crap bands that Pat listens to..

Band interests - Noise, Feedback, Adjusting the Squelch, Drop C and B, Smashing things
me: Aye bro heard cat aids yet???

you: Fuck yeah!!!

me: Its as good as shining a lazer in your eyes!

by dogga1212 July 08, 2011

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