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a phrase commonly said by a guy who has just broken up w. his girlfriend during a fight and doesnt want to talk nemore
Jenny: you have a tiny penis how cood i ever hav liked u

Bob: fuck you bitch
by napoleondynamite August 27, 2005
a girl who will make out with anyone she meets, but refuses to go any farther with any of them.
God dude erika is a total make out slut
by napoleondynamite September 30, 2005
one who inserts their penis into a cats asshole or vagina for lack of a real human to do it to. That can be caused by ugliness, a deformity in the penis, other defects unattractive to females, or just being plain bored off your ass.
That dude is a total cat fucker, he couldnt get real pussy if he tried.
by napoleondynamite June 07, 2005
basically means wow that is fucking incredible how/why did he/she do that?
holy fucking shit he put his tounge in his asshole.
by napoleondynamite June 06, 2005
one's semenal fluids
dude wen i got done masturbating last nite there was nut milk all over the place
by napoleondynamite September 03, 2005
The emo cycle is the self perpetuating cycle caused by emos and their views on the world. It starts when they start whining about nobody liking them, which leads to people not liking them even more, which leads to more whining, which leads to a perpetual continuance of this cycle.
emo: wahhh why doesn't anyone like meee....
other guy: thats why
emo: what do u mean (sob)
other guy: you have obviosly fallen victim to the emo cycle
by napoleondynamite October 30, 2006
1) the semenal fluids of a cat
2) a phrase uttered during the early phases of someones golf swing in a way most likely to fuck them up.
1) my cat just spooged on my carpet..... will ya just look at all that cat semen.
2) heres alex in his backswing for the us open winning shot......CAT SEMEN!!!!!!!! o and he whiffs the ball compeletly what a disappointing moment for alex!!!
by napoleondynamite May 30, 2005
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