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A secretly sex-crazed hottie with tons of guy friends. She comes off innocent and sweet, but is very open about things once you get to know her. All the guys around her want to fuck her. And she'll fuck them.
Guy 1: Hey did you hear about Casey?
Guy 2: No, what about her?
Guy 1: She fucked Caleb last night!
Guy 2: NO WAY!!
by secretlysexy96 June 06, 2011
7 40
An amazing, always beautiful yet always sexy, perfect, short girl. She always knows what to say and is always right. She always gets her way. She generally has perfect breasts and a super sexy ass. She shines on the dance floor and in bed. Mostly in bed. She is really good in bed.
Overall, Casey is the perfect girl for you and every other guy out there. We are graced to have her in our presence.
"Man I really wish I had a Casey right now"
"There is nothing better than having a night with Casey"
by Hombuswa December 28, 2011
4 38
To drug and/or kill ones child in order to not miss out on Dollar Draft Beer/Ladies Night at the bar/nightclub.
What do you mean you can't find a babysitter?! Just Casey that brat, & I'll pick you up at 9...
by jpm757 July 05, 2011
21 55
A bitch ass asian with a little 1 inch dick
Girl: Look at that little casey
Casey: Sorry excuse my little dick
by ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! October 14, 2011
15 50
a brave warrier on the prowl for sprouters
look at her, she is definatley casey
by kellymay106497 July 02, 2011
8 43
a kid who hates to have his name, because it is a girls name, who has a mid size weiner but unfortunately has a small divet on the tip of it.
"dude have you seen casey divit?"
"yeah, man, good thing ellie dumped his ass"

casey says: "bud, christian won't stop making fun of my divit"
kyle says: "dood, it is pretty disgusting"
by divithunter June 30, 2011
20 55
Casey loooves getting blowjobs out back from someone else's skanky wife and then lying about it when confronted.

Casey is easily the cheapest motherfucker you will ever meet in your life. Like brings alcohol to the bar to save money cheap.

Also, Casey is a HUGE cokehead, yet he thinks no-one knows it because he never does it around anyone because he doesn't want anyone to know he has it because he's so fucking cheap


Likes to date extremely young girls, as inexperienced as possible, since they're the only ones who won't catch on immediately to how lame he is in bed and also life in general.
See that belligerently drunk dude over there hitting on that little girl? What a Casey.
by Janey Pistolwhip March 14, 2012
8 44