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(noun) A city in the West African nation of Mali, known for its extreme inaccessibility. Now it is used to mean any extremely distant and inaccessible location.
We used to have each other over for dinner on a regular basis, but then she moved out to Timbuktu, and we haven't done it since.
by Moshe Jacobson November 09, 2004
1.) A city in the country of Mali, which is in Western Africa. Was once a major trade city and centre for Islamic religion in the 15th and 16th centuries. Mostly used nowadays as an expression, when people want to emphasise how isolated, inaccessible, far away or in the middle of nowhere a place is.

2.) A place that you didn't think actually existed, but it does.
Person 1: "You never come around to my house anymore."
Person 2: "Ho, that's because you live all the way out in Timbuktu."
Person 1: "That place doesn't even exist."
Person 2: "Does so."

*Person 1 goes to look it up*

Person 1: So it does!
#timbuktu #africa #mali #islam #dummy
by Lyosha May 11, 2009
recieving a blowjob while chewing tobacco
She gave me a timbuktu in the movie theatre while i was chewing with my boys.
#dip #chew #head #blowjob #snuff
by b_zero January 22, 2007
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