A Casey is a person (male or female) who acts happy and brave, while there inner most thoughts are ones of sadness and depression. Caseys are shy and they don't tell you these depressing thoughts, but they wear a smile to keep everyone else happy. These people are a danger to themselves.

On an interpersonal level, a Casey is kind, loving, caring, sweet and intelligent. They often are socially awkward and shy, but once one gets comfortable around you, they are a great asset to have.
"That guy is so nice. It's a shame that all his smiles look forced. He's a real Casey"
by Ultra Oracle January 03, 2013
term used for womens' underwear.
all he wanted to do was get me out of my caseys.

she stole my caseys.
by hun June 26, 2004
Casey-female-has brown hair with stunning bright blue eyes. Usually puts others before herself and has an amazing personality and very easy to get along with. a great example for the "it" girl. truly an amazing, one of a kind person.
Dude, whos that girl youre talking to?

Her name's Casey.

What is she like?

Just imagine everything that describes the perfect girl...shes way better than her.
by not so secret admierer December 12, 2011
A girl who can be as nasty as a guy and laughs at everything. Has a nice body and is sporty. Gots a nice booty. Has blond moments most of the time but laughs at it. Seems like a happy person 24/7 but deep down has problems. Drama free, drug free. Everyone loves her but loud and annoying once in a while.
"Dang whos that"
" Thats Casey!"

" Foo! She can be a Casey to me all day!"

" She can ball up on me anytime!"
by :) Lovee October 10, 2011
Not the type of guy you should befriend. He may seem cute and caring but is actually a man-whore, most likely has std's, will sleep with your best friend if possible. Many make the mistake of trusting him and end up getting hurt.
"Did you hear that tiffany slept with Casey?" "Ewww, she better get herself checked." "I know right. And poor zoey! I know she really liked him, how could tiffany do that to her?"
by cuteykittymeowmeow January 07, 2014
Casey, is a beautiful girl. Is out-going. Knows how to dress. A great kisser, a freak in bed but keeps it to herself. She is somebody who can be a big bitch sometimes, when she's mad. She's pretty but a knows how to fight will kill a bitch. Black guys are the most attractive guys to her. You can trust her with anything. Doesn't like when people get on her nerves. Doesn't get shy, but get to know her she is incredible. Someone you would LOVE to meet. Carries her self well. Loves money$$ and loves to shop. She's attractive and very funny.
Damn Casey your s great Kisser
by beyond_gorgeous June 07, 2013
A girl with brown hair and blue eyes. pretends to love people

that she doesn't. but always has her heart to one person. She
will fall in love before high school and marry that man no matter
what it takes. she will be his best friend and a great lover. She
doesn't have a type, but gets lucky by marrying a guy with a large
penis, even if she didn't care about the size. She smiles all the time
even if she has no reason to and only cries in front of the people she
trusts with her life. she can be your best friend or worst enemy. but
she is very faithful to Jesus Christ. She knows that God is her real
best friend and she loves God more than anyone. Shes GORGEOUS. and is told that often. Shes bashful when approached, but usually is the one to approach you. Shes got a big ass and nice hips. Men love staring at her Double D's and grabbing her butt. Lets face it, shes sexier than you.
Casey is so brave.
by Jakester Simmon Tyler March 16, 2013

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