In a video game where the player proceeds to randomly toss or launch grenades hoping for a kill. Games like ghost recon where extreme proximity to grenades is deadly this is extremely cheap.
"Watch out. Some jerk is carpet bombing the alleyway. You can't get past."
by JoeMacD June 18, 2006
When, as part of a sexual act one partner takes a steamy dump on the other partners pubes. The act can be either expected/desired or sudden and surprising; though the latter typically produces a negative response.
John: Dude you're banging Becky these days right? I've heard she's a freak - is it true?
Dave: Yeah bro, she loves a good old fashioned carpet bombing - I think it's a little freaky myself but it makes her cum like you wouldn't believe.
John: ha! Thats incredible! I hope that dumb bitch at least pays for your dinner!
by ADRicci December 25, 2010
A weapon in worms that sees a plane drop carpets over the landscape, bouncing about. Considered to be better than the unreliable homing pigeon, and more dangerous than the guided missile. Not as good as super sheep.
I was carpet bombing you.
by Gumba Gumba May 26, 2004
The act of leaving excrement on your partners pubic hairs during a sexual act.
Sally screamed in disgust as bill layed a huge carpet bombing run down her pubic region!
by dgtlchlk November 17, 2003
When one has diarrhea so bad that when they attempt to sit on a toilet, the pressure in the abdominal cavity builds, forcing excrement out of there anus earlier than they wish, leaving a trail of it high above they water level as they are sitting down. In extreme cases, the back of the toilet seat will also be affected.
Hell no... someone had just got done carpet bombing it! It was fucking disgusting; it was even on the back of the toilet seat!
by jacr666 January 03, 2011
when your masturbating and you cum all over the carpet/floor area leaving a crusty stains in your carpet
yo homes, i went carpet bombing in my sisters room, theres crust all over the floor.
by L.L.spermway February 22, 2010

The process in which you pass gas fueled by spicy foods, resulting in a large area being covered by noxious fumes.
After eating a bowl of raviolis with hot sauce and pepperjack cheese, Rick was carpet bombing his apartment so bad Joe could smell it even after donning his shirt mask.
by CancerFTC October 05, 2009

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