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The act of sending out a large amount of emails to women on a dating site such as "Match.com or "Plenty of Fish". This is accomplished by having several pre-written emails that are copied and pasted with reckless abandon to all potential dates or members of the dating site of the opposite sex, or same sex I guess depending on your persuasion.

The root name "carpet bombing" comes from world war II where B-52's would drop thousands of bombs over a broad area basically laying a carpet of bombs.

Therefore as a bombardier (guy responsible for dropping the bombs from the B-52) would lay a carpet of bombs over a European city one who frequently sends out mass emails to prospective dates on a dating site could also be called a bombardier.
"Hey Steve what are you going to be doing this evening?" "Well Jim I planned on going home from work, grabbing a bear and carpet bombing match.com for a few hours."
"Steve that sounds like fun", Yes it is Jim every time I carpet bomb I get like ten hot women lined up!"
by KevinBonds August 20, 2010
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