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A man or woman who partakes in the delicacy also known as eating out. A cunt chomper. A muff diver. One who engages in cunnilingus.
Scott: "So did you do Beth last night?"
Max: "Do her, I had her for a late nite snack, breakfast, mid-morning treat, lunch and dinner! Literally!!. I ate her out for hours until my cheeks were red from her puss oil. I would have to say that I am a serious carpet muncher guy, I couldn't get enough."
Scott: "Sounds great, too bad I blew in her before you met up with her dude!"
by psiscott April 09, 2006
A reference to a lesbian performing oral sex on another woman.
He tried getting her in bed, but it turns out she's a carpet muncher.
by Anonymous January 24, 2003
One that partakes in the licking and eating of the female sex organ or pussy.
I find that I am a carpet muncher and am a lesbian stuck in a mans body.
by David October 27, 2003
A derrogatory term which refers to the act of performing oral sex between lesbians.
There's a pair of carpet munchers.
She is a carpet muncher.
This is the act of carpet munching.
by Mr J Maddocks, BA. March 10, 2005
a female who performs oral sex on other females
Did you know Jenna was a carpet muncher?
by Anonymous July 05, 2002
One who engages in cunnilingus, or oral sex by "eating out" a girl's vagina
Barb is a major carpet muncher. She has her own carpet cleaning business.
by Dylan W. February 23, 2006
One who licks a girls vagina,also called Rug Muncher
She is a carpet muncher
by Freak January 21, 2003
"tina's a carpetmuncher, bob. dump her ass."
by lauren August 30, 2003