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A man or woman who partakes in the delicacy also known as eating out. A cunt chomper. A muff diver. One who engages in cunnilingus.
Scott: "So did you do Beth last night?"
Max: "Do her, I had her for a late nite snack, breakfast, mid-morning treat, lunch and dinner! Literally!!. I ate her out for hours until my cheeks were red from her puss oil. I would have to say that I am a serious carpet muncher guy, I couldn't get enough."
Scott: "Sounds great, too bad I blew in her before you met up with her dude!"
by psiscott April 09, 2006
77 68
A reference to a lesbian performing oral sex on another woman.
He tried getting her in bed, but it turns out she's a carpet muncher.
by anonymous January 24, 2003
1936 419
One that partakes in the licking and eating of the female sex organ or pussy.
I find that I am a carpet muncher and am a lesbian stuck in a mans body.
by David October 27, 2003
1136 523
A derrogatory term which refers to the act of performing oral sex between lesbians.
There's a pair of carpet munchers.
She is a carpet muncher.
This is the act of carpet munching.
by Mr J Maddocks, BA. March 10, 2005
781 355
a female who performs oral sex on other females
Did you know Jenna was a carpet muncher?
by anonymous July 05, 2002
579 280
One who licks a girls vagina,also called Rug Muncher
She is a carpet muncher
by Freak January 21, 2003
391 199
One who engages in cunnilingus, or oral sex by "eating out" a girl's vagina
Barb is a major carpet muncher. She has her own carpet cleaning business.
by Dylan W. February 23, 2006
399 210
Someone, usually female, that likes performing oral sex on other women
Katie is a carpet muncher
by Kristin and Kristen Company November 08, 2006
198 109