Someone, usually female, that likes performing oral sex on other women
Katie is a carpet muncher
by Kristin and Kristen Company November 08, 2006
A woman who likes to munch on other chicks pussy's, (their carpets).
Those bitches are hot, but i heard they are carpet munchers.
by Pears... October 13, 2005
A person that really likes to eat out girls. Someone who gives a girl head.

He loves that pussy juice, that carpetmuncher.
by ZZZZZZZZ September 06, 2007
1)Term used for lesbians
2)One who likes to eat pussy
Those girls over there are carpet munchers!
by lesbian lingo August 30, 2008
girls who like to get down with the ladies and often munches on there seafood platter . for more pleasure they use there tounges and eats away at their vagina
oh april you carpetmuncher suck my pussy
by transformers are sexybeasts June 21, 2009
General term for lesbian.
Did you see the way Jenny was looking at Sarah-I bet she's a real carpet-muncher.
by Caddock February 03, 2007
slang term used to describe a lesbian or bisexual women. highly offensive to the gay community.
Yo man, I heard Brittany Hubble is a carpet muncher!
by Ryan974 June 23, 2007
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