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A man or woman who partakes in the delicacy also known as eating out. A cunt chomper. A muff diver. One who engages in cunnilingus.
Scott: "So did you do Beth last night?"
Max: "Do her, I had her for a late nite snack, breakfast, mid-morning treat, lunch and dinner! Literally!!. I ate her out for hours until my cheeks were red from her puss oil. I would have to say that I am a serious carpet muncher guy, I couldn't get enough."
Scott: "Sounds great, too bad I blew in her before you met up with her dude!"
by psiscott April 09, 2006
slang term used to describe a lesbian or bisexual women. highly offensive to the gay community.
Yo man, I heard Brittany Hubble is a carpet muncher!
by Ryan974 June 23, 2007
The act of a lesbian performing oral sex on another female,

Joe: omg isabellas soo hot!
Dan: Dude, give up! She's a carpet muncher
by Test Sicles February 10, 2009
The term given to a guy or girl who goes down on a girl who does not shave her crotch.
The term given to oral sex of the unshaved vagina.
Paul: Dude I ate her out and, she hadnt shaved!

Bobby: Aww, carpet muncher.
by imabfresh December 23, 2008
loves to eat another hairy vag.usualy a butch
the manager was a carpet muncher and didnt like whe the girls shaved.
by ughgughgu March 19, 2008
Munching on some pusssay.
Daaaaaaaaamn you know that carpet muncher Martha ? She was munchin on every bitch at the party AGAIN.
by slapabeezy April 26, 2007
the pure definition of a Lesbian...
get a load of that carpet muncher!
by salope May 22, 2008