1. an organism that solely eats meat, or dead animal, or flesh of other organisms, etc., etc.

2. an organism with the brain power of an ant

3. a human IGNORANT of factory farms

Note: Most human carnivores/omnivores, especially those found on this website, are defensive about their eating habits, for, by eating meat, one supports and encourages the heinous cruelty in factory farms (see meetyourmeat.com)- an action that shouldn't be regarded as morally right. Some carnivores have good, viable reasons to be carnivorous, which should be respected by veg.ans. But most falter in that area. You can see this, because they are reduced to making fun of veg.ans with vacuous, fatuous attempts at an insult.
I can't believe those carnivores made fun of my veganism as a tenant of my religion; I don't go around bashing Christian, right-wing, ignorant fundamentalists' moral principles!

Carnivores have often defended their diet by referring to all of man and woman's history, in which meat was eaten. Unfortunately, they neglect the fact that slavery and mass genocide was endorsed by generations upon generations of people as well. Whoops!
by karl marx January 04, 2005
Top Definition
A meat-eater. One who eats animal flesh.
To attempt to make a vegetarian out of your cat or dog would be animal cruelty, since both animals are obligatory carnivores.
by AYB May 17, 2003
One who eats the flesh of animals
I believe I'll have a steak. I'm a carnivore.
by quagblar March 05, 2007
One who truly cares for plant life by consuming the consumpters of the plants.
The carnivore sunk his teeth deep into the juicy steak. In doing this, he saved another patch of grass.
by Dutchinater November 30, 2008
1. An internet monitoring device that operates by catching bits and pieces of data sent from one internet user to another and then reassembling them for the FBI to examine.
The FBI's controversial Carnivore spy system, which has been renamed DCS1000, is a specially configured Windows computer designed to sit on an Internet provider's network and monitor electronic communications. To retrieve the stored data, an agent stops by to pick up a removable hard drive with the information that the Carnivore system was configured to record.
2. An obsessive individual that seeks total control in a relationship by networking your social circle and monitoring your communications.
3. An animal that gets food from killing and eating other animals. The social behavior of a carnivore indicates the potential for information transfer and social learning among the species.
1. Santa Claus does't need the Carnivore spy system, he already knows who's been naughty or nice!
2. She broke up with the carnivore because she was a free spirit that valued her privacy far more than she valued a relationship with him.
3. The lioness made a meal of the carnivore that stumbled on her pride.
by Summer 2 November 30, 2006
A being that does not require dietary supplement pills in its diet because animal products provide the bulk of the nutrition.
I'm glad I have a carnivore's instinct because I know I won't have to take twelve herbal supplement pills for each time I have a hamburger or a steak or a rack of ribs.
by hmmm August 10, 2003
Aside a meateater, Carnivore is a New York thrash metal band leaded by Pete Steele from Type O Negative. Its the band that he was in before he formed Repulsion which turned into Type O Negative. They are a complete opposite of Type O, with fast songs, with the most hateful lyrics ever that are either political or a vision of a post-apocalyptic warrior. They released "Carnivore" album in 1985 and "Retaliation" in 1987.
Typical Carnivore lyrics:
"I eat the brains from my enemy heads
And I proudly wear their scalps!"
by crazydude1992 February 07, 2009
Someone who goes through cars like normal people go through meat. Typically, a car-nivore buys a $500 car, never changes the oil, and then replaces it when the motor mysteriously melts down.
Man, Cris sure goes through the cars!

Yes, Cris is definitely a car-nivore.
by Otto Bahn January 18, 2007
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