A term sometimes used to describe menthol cigarettes.
Damn kid, just got some Marb Smooths, shit's like smokin candy canes.
by Grids November 04, 2007
when a guy has sex w/ a girl on her period, the spirm and the blood together look like a candycane
he candycaned her
by anonymus June 26, 2004
When a girl is on her period, and her and a guy 69, the guy cums in her mouth and then they make out. the blood and semen mixing together looks like candy cane pattern.

yo she was on her period and we made a candycane!
by Rhondagsdogsj November 28, 2007
The guy acting like a women in the movie Joyride who should have been killed buy the dude with a truck.
"Candycane?....Are you there Candycane?..."
by Ballwhackingasskicker July 02, 2004
When you are having oral sex with a girl. Pull your dick out of her mouth and shove it in her nose giving her a bloody nose. Then you skeet in her face. This causes a white and red pattern to apeare on her face makeing a candycane.
Yo my girl was sucking my dick last night and I pulled it out and gave her a nice candycane.
by FUMI-OPC January 13, 2007
When a man ejaculates inside a woman who is on her period. When he pulls out, his penis resembles a candy cane.
John and Jane were feeling festive after their Candy Cane creation that night.
by Capn Innuendo January 18, 2009
can mean:

1. a person of the male gender
2. someone who just said/did something stupid; a loser
1. "Check out those candycanes..."

2. "Shut up, you're such a candycane.."
by Charter Mage January 30, 2006

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