When a girl is on her period, and her and a guy 69, the guy cums in her mouth and then they make out. the blood and semen mixing together looks like candy cane pattern.

yo she was on her period and we made a candycane!
by Rhondagsdogsj November 28, 2007
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A word used for drugs. Most of the time it's cocaine.
Drug Dealer:Jou vant sum candy canes man?
Street Dude:What the fuck is a candy cane????
Drug Dealer:cocaina
by Go Fuck YO SELF August 11, 2007
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When a man sucks the mestural blood out of a womans vagina and the women gives the man head and he blows in her mouth then they make out and then the women gargles all of the cum and blood mix.
ME and edna ate a candy cane last night only week we could this month.
by ironsoul5 July 17, 2008
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the moment when you're more straight than homosexual, but you still have a bit of gay inside of you.
"what's your sexuality?"
"I'm a candycane"
by styles whore June 23, 2013
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A term sometimes used to describe menthol cigarettes.
Damn kid, just got some Marb Smooths, shit's like smokin candy canes.
by Grids November 04, 2007
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It is a double anal penetration with the two penises wrapped around each other, like the stripes on a candy cane. There are two types of candy caning: natural candy-caning and unnatural candy canding. Natural occurs when you double-penetrate her ass, and if her ass is tight enough, spinning her around naturally forms the candy cane. Unnatural candy caning occurs when you actually have to physically intertwine the penises.
Wow! We really gave that bitch a candy caning. Would you like to get candy caned?
by Drunken Disorderly Dave October 25, 2011
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When you splooge on a chicks face, then punch her in the fuckin nose so it bleeds.
by Pappy July 13, 2004
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