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The last thing you'd ever want to be friends with. To compare somebody to an evil snail means you would not befriend them if they were the last person on the planet.
Michael Scott: Being friends with Toby Flenderson is like being friends with an evil snail.
#jerk #annoying guy #d-bag #loser #pain in the neck
by Doukie December 17, 2009
a batlike pokemon, the evolved form of golbat, the bat pokemon. Crobat is purple, and has four wings. It sometimes appears to have no feet, but it's sometimes seen with feet.

In Pokemon slang, crobat is similar to "crow". It's to describe someone black.
"Crobat is an awesome pokemon! Go crobat!"
#zubat #pokemon #golbat #poison type #flying type
by Doukie February 17, 2009
the act of madly, wildly dancing around the room with somebody. Spin the poodle involves grabbing your partner's hands and dancing in a crazy circle around with them. Most people recieve this unwillingly.
Amy: Jake, don't come near me, I can detect a spin the poodle from miles away
#mad dance #twirly #tornado #annoyance #freaky dance
by Doukie February 16, 2009
The Reverse World (which is always mentioned in a booming, thunderous voice) is a very confusing place indeed. Everything is supposed to be in reverse, but the reverse of something can be very hard to determine. For example, someone who does love being wet in the reverse world would be someone who does not hate not being dry, which is essentially, the same thing. Befuddling, isn't it?

Confusing, right?
Winning is good, but what's good is bad in the reverse world, and what's bad is not wanted, but what's not wanted is wanted in The Reverse World.

#opposite land #parallel universe #reverse dimention #other dimention #reverse universe
by Doukie October 22, 2009
To be a dead duck is to be doomed, similar to dead meat.
Don: If I don't bolt it before the police get here, I'll be a dead duck!
#dead meat #doomed #lunch #a goner #sunk
by Doukie February 17, 2009
A bitch is an unpleasant girl, but a doberwoman is ten times worse! Just like a real doberman is worse than a real bitch when she's about to have puppies. Be careful, or you might get your head bitten off.
Jane: You're not just a bitch, Katie, you're a doberwoman!
#bitch #jerk #hothead #super angry #scary
by Doukie February 17, 2009
a very vicious, bruisy, bloody wound right under the nipple, very painful.
Oh, crap! I tried to ask that chick out, and I totally got a pink crow!!!
#crow #bruise #cut #wound #slashy
by Doukie February 16, 2009
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